Transform your Culture to Operating Without Harm and create breakthrough results in Risk, Safety, and Performance.

Operating Without Harm calls for a demonstrated commitment to employee well-being, and visible actions that align with the stated values.

It is about more than policies and procedures; it’s about fostering a culture where safety is experienced as a core value.

Proven Results

The bottom line is just the beginning. Our collaborative approach digs into the real issues and uncovers the potential of your organisation and staff for long-lasting success.

Our Team

Our network of experienced specialists who have worked globally with some of the largest and most complex organisations, operational teams, projects and cultures. Ready to help you.


Reviews, insights and points of view of topics senior executives will find helpful. We aim to help you navigate the issues of the day.

The ACN Approach to Partnering: The Power of Humble Inquiry

At ACN, our approach to partnering is built on the power of Humble Inquiry. This method involves asking questions to which we genuinely do not know the answers, fostering genuine curiosity, and building open, trusting relationships with our clients. The ACN approach emphasises three key aspects: building authentic relationships, deeply understanding the client’s context, and encouraging collaboration and co-creation.

Building Authentic Relationships

At the heart of Humble Inquiry is genuine curiosity and respect. By asking thoughtful, open-ended questions, we demonstrate a willingness to listen and learn from our clients. This approach fosters authentic relationships based on mutual respect, reducing arrogance and building trust.

Deep Understanding of the Client’s Context

Instead of imposing preconceived solutions, ACN consultants take the time to understand the unique context and challenges of each organisation. This allows us to tailor our recommendations to the specific needs of our clients, increasing the likelihood of successful implementation and client satisfaction. A deep understanding of the client’s world leads to more relevant and impactful advice.

Encouraging Collaboration and Co-Creation

Humble Inquiry promotes a collaborative approach, with our consultants working alongside clients to co-create solutions. This model empowers clients, making them feel valued and involved in the process. When clients see that their input is integral to the solution, their trust in ACN grows. This collaborative dynamic enhances the quality of the solutions and fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, increasing the likelihood of sustained change and positive outcomes.

Risk Leadership

Risk Leadership

Aligning governance and management of the total risk landscape. People, Systems, Internal and External. We provide a “best in class” process and platform to manage actions, controls, and reporting. Clients identify risk owners and build a network of distributed oversight and awareness.

Culture Transformation

Leadership and Management Development

ACN has developed programmes that support managers  shift how people relate to their environment. With passion and commitment it is possible to overcome the most intractable issues. We partner to surface an aligned view of our clients current reality that is the springboard for action. Together we build a shared commitment for co-ordinated action. Our programmes invite reflection, self-awareness and develop leadership skills at all levels.

Learning and Development (L&D)

Operating Without Harm

ACN is an award-winning management consulting business specialising in breakthroughs in our clients risk, safety, and performance. Our “Operating Without Harm” programme is a holistic approach  to physical, psychological, process, and environmental safety. The programme includes a  comprehensive tool kit for leaders looking for a consistent level of performance across all four domains of safety.  Each element features a range of diagnostic frameworks, learning content and practical steps designed to enhance organisational safety performance.

“I worked with ACN as part of a program to transform our safety mindset and culture. They were quickly able to build close connections across the operation which created the perfect environment to challenge the status quo. They enhanced our leadership impact through use of active listening, questioning and acknowledgment whilst sharing their observations openly and honestly. ”
Supply Chain Manager – Australian Operations

“With ACN, it is not looking for the negative, but rather it is looking for the positive; defining the culture you want. They rolled up their sleeves and dug deep into the organisation, both vertically and horizontally and did it seamlessly, without any drama. They genuinely wanted to help.
Going forward, I would not hesitate to ask them for their help, whether times were good or bad. ”
Paul Hitchcock, CEO Patties Foods