About Us

At ACN, our approach to partnering is built upon the power of Humble Inquiry, fostering authentic relationships through genuine curiosity, deeply understanding each client’s unique context, and promoting collaborative co-creation for impactful, tailored solutions.

The Results of Our Work

  • Achieve strategic alignment and clarity for board oversight, driving profitability, organisational success, and effective risk management.
  • Realise informed decision-making and goal attainment through real-time, actionable insights from intuitive dashboards.
  • Build a culture of caring and trust, enhancing psychological safety, stakeholder engagement, and transformational leadership.
  • Empower leadership with tools to elevate risk culture, improving decision-making, risk mitigation, and management practices.
  • Ensure clear accountability and effective execution with well-defined action points, boosting productivity and safety.
  • Transform your organisation by developing people, streamlining processes, and fostering a supportive, high-performing, and safety-conscious environment.
  • Improve the viability and sustainability of your people and organisation

Why Are We Different?

At ACN, we believe that everyone matters!

Most people in organisations want to do the ‘right’ thing. It does not always work out that way. Culture is complex and it’s so easy to get it ‘wrong’.

The subjective element, people, is an important factor in business success. Our work skilfully includes building an understanding of the cultural dynamics that drive organisations.

When people are misunderstood, misaligned, and not getting the results they are striving for, life can be tough. We partner with leaders and organisations to help them unleash their people.

How We Work?

“We know amazing results can be achieved and believe every team has the potential for success”

Research shows us that we are designed to resist change, this is why change is often experienced as painful. Our approach is values and results focused. We find that when we engage people and they feel part of the change programme, they can often get behind it and even become champions.

We trust that leaders honestly know what needs to be worked on, the challenge is not in the strategy rather the implementation. By involving everybody in the journey, we believe you find leadership, innovation and talent everywhere you look!

We all have the potential to lead, leadership has little to do with position or role. It’s all about attitude, courage and a readiness to step forward. When your team feels trusted and own their part of the programme you will find partners not resistance.

We are also wholly committed partners with you on the journey. Expect us to have the conversations, the tough conversations that often get overlooked as we stand with you every step of the way.

We like to take a gentle approach. This is why we say we are different, this is who we are.

Stuart and Steve, Directors ACN.

Relationship - The Foundation

Relationship – The Foundation

First we want to learn about your goals, challenges and how you generate results.

Alignment - An easy 'Yes' is not what you need

Alignment – An easy ‘Yes’ is not what you need

To align on the key challenges to overcome. We will work on the adaptive challenges rather than business as usual.

Capability -  Real training, not a tick in the box

Capability –  Real training, not a tick in the box

We train managers, supervisors and team members to work in different ways, deliver on promises and respect each other, especially when times are changing..

Mentor & Coach - We all need help to bring learning to life

Mentor & Coach – We all need help to bring learning to life

We stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the ground. We make the theory practical and focus on the outcomes you want to accomplish.