Our Partners

ACN have key partners we collaborate with to enable our clients to access ‘Best in Class’ platforms to support our work. We align closely with our partners to provide a toolset that allows ACN to execute with high added value.
Below are details of our valued partners

Goat Risk

GOAT Risk™ is an easy to use, low cost, risk management tool that helps non-risk experts engage, collaborate, assign, track, report and manage risk more effectively. It’s packed with tips, templates and tutorials to help you start managing your risks within a matter of minutes.

Goats are known for being sure-footed and inquisitive animals that can scale great heights with poise. Carrying the same spirit, we help our clients put risk management into practice, engaging stakeholders and supporting them in reaching new heights in their business. Scale risk with confidence!

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Goat Risk
Data Drives Insight

Data Drives Insight

Data Drive Insights safety and performance assessments for individuals and teams measure capability, impact, psychological safety and uncover people’s personal views towards safety practices, enabling transformation of the culture of an organisation.

This supports the growth and development of leaders and supports teams to safely deliver great results by identifying current strengths and biggest areas of opportunity across all levels. The valid and reliable assessment tools identify beliefs, attitudes and behaviours towards safety and can be used across all industries.

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Cerebyte was founded in 1997 by Dr. William Seidman and Michael McCauley with the purpose of applying advances in technology and neuroscience to helping organisations improve performance using technology and neuroscience to create transformational performance by capturing star performers’ wisdom and knowledge to share with others. This breakthrough is embodied in the cloud-based Sofia Learning Platform.

With Sofia, dynamic, comprehensive change programs can literally be developed and deployed in hours – not weeks or months – giving organisations a unique competitive ability to develop and launch new capabilities in close to real-time response to environmental changes.

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