People Development

Using our Training Needs Analysis process we assess how the best performers operate, build a capability road map, and then deliver high quality learning using our mixed mode learning platform. This approach quickly builds capability, skills, and know-how, enabling people to perform at the highest levels.

Working with ACN, we were able to develop a comprehensive business improvement grant application focused on developing and training our people. Our application was successful and rolling out the programme will deliver a step change across our Organisation.”
CFO – Not for Profit Sector


Training And Capability Development

What It Is

A neuroscience-based, training needs assessment that focusses on how your best performing team members generate their results, allowing us to then co-create a customised training package that is delivered via our neuroscience-enabled mentoring system,

What It Does

  • Allows you to define a model of excellence for roles you wish to develop
  • A way to motivate and engage learners – built on latest Neuroscience research
  • Allows Real-time Support, just when learners need it most
  • Through our training, learners experience having access to a mentor just when they need them
  • Access learners progress and can see how they are adapting and developing their levels of performance

What It Makes Possible

  • Improve performance levels and outcomes of all team members
  • Your internal knowledge and specific language is captured and shared in the organisation
  • You customise specific learning content beneficial to your organisation and its people
  • Your IP does not leave the organisation
  • Reduced training costs through tailored and more effective delivery methods

People Development News

Are You Just Ticking A Box When It Comes To Training?

Are You Just Ticking A Box When It Comes To Training?

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’Tick A Box’ Good Enough? Until It All Goes Wrong…

’Tick A Box’ Good Enough? Until It All Goes Wrong…

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HR Specialists Seeking To Build Internal Consulting Capability.

HR Specialists Seeking To Build Internal Consulting Capability.

Heres some more detail: 1. Be yourself, responsibility is a choice Being a leader is not a role. It is not a part you are playing. Authentic leadership is about communicating who you are and what you stand for. Be responsible for what you say and how you say it. 2....