ACN Integral Risk Management Process

Interview Stakeholders

Assess the key Board of Directors (BOD) and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) concerns and interview a cross section of team members to learn perceptions

What are the key strategic objectives? What strategies are in place and what might prevent these being achieved?

Report Of Findings

Provide BOD and SLT insights to the range of perceptions that drive behaviours and current risk landscape

Risk Appetite

ACN facilitate a session for BOD and SLT to align on key risks, priorities and appetite for risk

Align on Risk Treatment

ACN provides feedback to stakeholders to align on Risk profiles and treatment. This results in an Action Plan to address risks that fall out of tolerance

Risk Assessment

ACN review the current controls and conduct an Integral Bow Tie. Key Risk Owners are identified and together we explore precursor causes and how risk are treated.

Populate And Handover Risk Management Platform

ACN populates the Risk Software with client data, reports, Risk Register and heatmaps. Incident reporting, key leading and lagging indicators and training is provided for smooth client hand over

ACN Integral Risk Management Process

Risk Management News

ACN’s Dynamic Risk Model and Approach

ACN’s Dynamic Risk Model and Approach

The Case for Improved Risk Management Has the time has come for an improved approach to Risk Management? A need for an approach that reflects the current realities of the business environment. Many businesses are undertaking a reset post Covid and other market...

When Safety Opens A Door, Not Everyone Walks In

When Safety Opens A Door, Not Everyone Walks In

It‘s easy to get type cast in Hollywood, and it’s the same in Consulting. We are not a safety consultant however, from the platform of safety, possibility for deeper conversations regarding wellbeing and performance becomes easier. The last two weeks have been great...